Micael Johansson

Micael is a MEDQURE co-founder, instructor and senior regulatory and quality consultant.  He sits on the MEDEA board and consults to start ups and large companies in Europe.

He is a member of the standard committee TK62 and TK66. (TK62 handles the EN 60601 - series and TK 66 handles the EN 61010- series) He has held many courses in Denmark and Sweden. His instruction is empowering and hands on. 

Kristian Bluff

Kristian is MEDQURE's a co-founder and facilitator. Working in design management and marketing, he facilitates access to knowledge, markets and technology.

He consults on medtech innovation, facilitating  ideation worskhops. From the frontend of product development he has consulted to life science SME's and large enterprises. Kristian holds an MBA in Design Managment.

The Chinese Market Access

We offer a course and consultancy providing medtech companies with knowledge and guidance  to access the Chinese market.

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Medical Device companies come to us for courses and consultancy that will develop their professional expertise, keeping them up-to-date with the latest information relevant to the regulatory field of medical devices.

We provide courses and consultancy on site,  relevant to your products and staff. 

Instruction  includes dynamic methods of learning, using practical examples of how to apply regulations to a product; group interaction and knowledge sharing

A certificate is issued to all who attend and complete their course. 

MEDQURE is a member of Welfaretech


Our course instructors have

extensive experience in training

and consulting to medtech firms.

Courses and course material are in english.


The Commission announced on 25 March 2020 that work on a proposal to postpone the application date of the Medical Devices Regulation (MDR) for one year is ongoing.

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Stay informed

Here you can meet a couple of our regulatory consultants sharing their knowledge on relevant themes with short videos.

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